Intercultural Studies Abroad
Study Abroad in Madrid


CIRI offers the options listed below in Madrid. You will fill out a form where you can list your preferences or special needs. CIRI always tries to provide students with their choice, but it cannot be guaranteed. All accommodation facilities are based upon availability.


CIRI students can choose a host family. It is ideal for students who want to be immersed in the culture. You will be provided with your own room. Upon arrival students receive a key of the house so they can come and go as they please, but participants should remember that they are guests and will be expected to respect their host family.

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The apartments are furnished and have a fully-equipped kitchen. Meals are not included. Whenever possible you can choose both single or double. The price of accommodation includes the cost of utilities (electricity, gas, water). Students will be responsible if any equipment is damaged or broken.

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CIRI offers apartments in residential areas close to the university and the CIRI center. The apartments are furnished and have fully-equipped kitchen. Meals are not included. The students have to give a monetary deposit. If the students leave the apartment in the same working conditions that they’ve found it, the deposit will be reimbursed. Please contact us for more datails on this options and its price.